CHEP in top 5 at 'Zero Harm' audits

As the result of inspections and audits performed by CHEP Global “Zero Harm” team in 22 European countries, CHEP Turkey Office is in the top 5 with a point of 99,06%.

CHEP, aiming to minimize the effects of products and services on the environment for a sustainable future, is performing studies in order to reduce the risk of occupational accidents of its employees and partners with in the scope of “Zero Harm” strategy.  CHEP which takes precautions to add value to community and environment does not allow the current economic status to come over the issues of health, security, environment, and human rights.

With this understanding, CHEP Global “Zero Harm” team has been performing inspections and audits in 22 European countries. As the result of the inspection consisting of 17 main items and 398 questions, CHEP Turkey Office is in the top 5 with a point of 99,06%. In the field of health and security following issues were considered: document inspection, legal conformity, management plan, consultancy and communication, training, risk definition and evaluation, risk management, management of dangerous materials, health and security examination program, emergency procedures, near miss reports, and injury management. Topics such as environmental compatibility, loss of property inspection, procedures for disabled, young, and pregnant employees, and the security of work place were also considered as well.

Frequency of occupational accidents reduced by 32% with Chep “Zero Harm”

CHEP employees help to remove the possible risks with Near Miss Reports. It avoids giving harm to people, human right, and the environment with secure and suitable work behaviors. CHEP, valuing all people equally, encourages people to show the same respect in the supply chain. In 2017, CHEP reduced the frequency of occupational accidents 32% compared the previous year by  detecting the high risk work fields.