Turkish Retail Equipments 2018 Catalogue now online

The up-to-date 2018 catalogue of Turkishretailequipments.com which promotes Turkish supermarket equipment and technology companies to the world is now online.

Since 2016 January Turkishretailequipments.com has been building bridges between world retailers and Turkish companies. It aims to establish permanent direct relations with its English content.

On the other hand, Ortakalan is continuing to release the Turkish Retail Equipments Catalogue which contains the up-to-date information of its clients.

Each company has an allocation of 4 pages on the catalogue. On the pages, their detailed information, introduction articles, and photographs are displayed. The catalogue is an important resource for companies planning to be active in export.

The catalogue being published on Turkishretailequipments.com for the first time is now more enjoyable to read with the new application developed by Ortakalan for reports, catalogues, and periodicals.

To view the catalogue visit: