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Şekerciler Supermarket to prefer Marketyo

Şekerciler Supermarket will cooperate with Marketyo which is specialized in e-commerce software.

Şekerciler Supermarket has contracted with Marketyo as its partner in e-commerce software.  A budget of 500.000 TL is planned for the online shopping site.

The chairman, Mustafa Şekerciler, stated the following on the topic, “One of our priorities is to follow changing market trends and shopping formats. Within this scope, we examined online shopping concept two years ago and we decided to adapt to this change. The most important reasons in the decision stage were the need of delivering Şekerciler’s Gourmet Concept to more people, the importance of time for the consumers, the low age average of customers and the technological retail infrastructure’s being triggered by this low age average, different needs other than the ones on the standard shopping sites. Almost for one year, we tried to examine the food and general retail applications in Turkey and worldwide. In the meantime, we searched for a company capable of developing such a web site. We saw that no company had done what we needed. This is the main reason why we have decided to work with Marketyo. We want to open Şekerciler's new aspect to Ankara and Turkey. Şekerciler has proved its quality, but we want to spread this reality and raise awareness for real food products.”

A budget of 500.000 TL

Mr. Şekerci, stating that a new online shopping site will be developed for the first stage, continued, ”This web site will be promoted on the social media. The project will be taken a step forward with the help of enjoyable aspect of 3-D systems. In the meanwhile, we want to respond to the needs of our customers before they demand by examining their consuming habits.”

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