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'Golden Hotel' for peaceful after hours and vacations

People going on vacation and wishing to preserve their valuable belongings without taking any risks prefer to use giant safes called “Altın Otel” (Golden Hotel) by Loomis.

Loomis, serving at Istanbul Chamber of Jewelers headquarters at a point which is partially far from the Grand Bazaar,  has got the opportunity to establish a closer contact with the industry representatives at its new location for the last one year.  The smart Loomis Bazaar office with its unique security hardware continues to facilitate the business life of more industry members day by day. Loomis Bazaar, catching a high “small package” shipping volume, preserves valuable metals of industry members.

Loomis Valuable Shipping Sales Manager, Ali Atatoprak, said that they are now closer to the Grand Bazaar at their new location. Mr. Atatoprak added they are filling an important gap in the industry by offering more safe service as well as their conventional services at their expanding offices.

“Golden Hotel” at your service

Mr. Atatoprak, stating demands for their new safe service are rising as well as small package, and domestic and abroad commodity shipping service, said, “Shopkeepers at the region bring a part or all of their products to our office at the end of the workday. Apart from this, all their valuable commodities are protected with 100% insurance under the guarantee of Looming in long holidays. At our new office, we have safes with big and high security. Industry members from other cities preserve both their own commodities and the metals and money they earn at our office. If they wish, they may transfer these goods to their own regions. We have a description as “Golden Hotel”. Your gold, jewelry, and diamonds reside at our new office in peace. You do not worry about your belongings on vacation or after workday”

You may find detailed information about the affordable safe service at Loomis Grand Bazaar branch. Loomis serves 7 X 24 at Çemberlitaş open parking area.

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