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Klimasan to speed up domestic franchising

Klimasan started to open new shops in which the sales of deep freezers and freezers under the brand of Şenocak will be made. This enterprise started in Adana.

Klimasan, one of the oldest companies of the Aegean Region, has been active in the industry for more than 100 years. Few days ago, the company opened a new store in which the products with Şenocak brand will be sold. The showroom which was initiated by Şenocak Turkey Distributor Seren DTM started offering service in Seyhan Adana Atikop Commercial Avenue.

Seren DTM CEO Selim Gizer said, “We have been Şenocak dealer for more than 10 years and for the last years, we have been the nationwide exclusive dealer. The cooperation of both companies has come to the present time with mutual confidence. Şenocak is a brand which has a significant role in the improvement of our country. I believe that these investments which employ hundreds of people of people will increase in the future.”

Mr. Gizer, thanking everyone who participated in the opening of the new store, wished good luck for business partner brands and people of the region. Members of executive board at Seren DTM Mehmet Gizer, Semir Gizer, and the general manager at Klimasan Erim Şenocak participated the opening ceremony.

Erim Şenocak said, “At the dealers meeting we held with our business partner in 2018 February, we defined this year as the year of growth and projected our work accordingly. We wish to deliver the products we manufacture in Manisa OSB (Organized Commercial Zone) to our people and make quality available for everyone. For this reason, our greatest passion has been growing our business with new stores with the help of our global power and the experience we gained from the people our country. In the near future, we will be continuing to open new stores in various cities. We are planning to open 5 new stores until the end of this year and 50 stores in two years”
High number of employees of Seren DTM and Klimasan, business partners, and invitees participated the opening ceremony.