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Kaplanlar’s sign in greatest supermarket of Uzbekistan

Cooling solutions of one of the greatest supermarkets of Uzbekistan, Makro City, was implemented by Kaplanlar.

Kaplanlar Soğutma (Cooling) is taking steps to being the leader company in both domestic and international platform. The greatest supermarket of Uzbekistan, Makro City, is based on an area of 5000 square meters at Compass Mall in the capital, Tashkent. Kaplanlar Soğutma has implemented the cooling solutions on the behalf of Makro City. Several exclusive work was done as well as the implementation of supermarket’s refrigerators, cooling rooms, central cooling systems, ice machines, and hot water supply. The process was run by Kaplanlar in terms of project and concept management. Overall project was completed in two years including the construction step.

Compass Mall and Makro City have been the first ones in various fields. The products used are cutting edge technology, energy saving, and environment friendly which increases the value of the project. Kaplanlar, implementing exclusive energy saving applications, has designed systems which will drop down the electric usage to minimum.

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