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Fast and reliable name in cash transportation

We spoke to Loomis Turkey's Sales and Business Development Director Demir Bükülmez about the firm's services

Can you tell us about Loomis Turkey and Loomis family?
The history of Loomis dates back to 1852. In America during the "Gold Rush" in the 1800s, Loomis was founded to help overcome the security problem that occurred during gold transfers between states. Today, Loomis is a global company serving customers in all 23 countries with more than 400 branches and more than 24 employees. As Loomis Turkey we have 37 branch offices, 298 vehicles and about 1000 professional employees. We provide an average of 300,000 units a month to over 20 thousand customers. We can classify our services in two parts: cash handling and cash management and other services. It is our service to manage, cash and deliver cash transactions of branches and ATM points of banks, if we open up cash handling and cash management a bit. In our cash collection centers like the bank branch, we carry out the process of transferring the cash counted and packaged cash to the required point and taking over the necessary surplus and taking cash. The other part of our services includes gold, currency, checks and other valuable documents.

What services do you offer to the retail sector?
One of the most important sector that we offer services is the retail sector. We provide cash collection services to the retailers. Market chains, clothing companies and restaurants accumulate cash every day. We serve an average of 300 thousand customer points per month. This means average 1.5 million kilometers per month.

Can you give details about your Loomis Safepoint service?
Safepoint provides fast and reliable cash management. It removes all kinds of risks, especially with the closed cash management system designed specifically for retail businesses to accelerate pre-accounting cash processing and CIT processes. Thanks to this solution, which is developed to eliminate the problems caused by human error related to money and to reduce the time to examine the mistakes in the transactions, The reconciliation of the cash deposited at Safepoint can be made instantly online between the bank, the customer and Loomis. With Safepoint, your cash handling time is getting shorter; the scope of your administration expands and risky banking services dissappears. Cash settlement improves and security is provided in cash deposits. Safepoint is a simple and effective money processing solution that saves time and money. While protecting your employees and customers in manual processes, it eliminates the losses you may experience. Loomis Safepoint is currently being implemented in 2 thousand in various European countries and 13 thousand in America. Loomis allows you to see your bank account in cash at the customer's cash point at Safepoint. Thus, back office cash handling problems that are open to mistakes have been abolished, and as soon as the cash is deposited into the casinos, security risk is transferred to Loomis. The customer can be simultaneously checking on his internet account, which he can enter with a special username and password given to them by Loomis. Instant verification of transactions helps identify forgery. The closed system reduces the risk of robbery, customers can focus more on their employees and their customers.

How did you get started to this year? What do you say about your 2018 turnover and growth figures and your future goals?
2017 is basically a slower, less efficient year for our country compared to previous years. Nevertheless, as Loomis, we closed 2017 with a positive result. We did this with route optimization, proper planning, absolute customer satisfaction, and thanks to expertness Loomis provides us, such as managing our risk properly. We started  2018 with the desire and enthusiasm of our success in the past year. In the year 2018 we concluded some customer contracts that we worked on for long, and entered into the signature process in some new contracts. Meanwhile, in 2018 some tenderings will also be concluded. As a result, 2018 will be a new year of growth for Loomis Turkey.

Is there a new investment plan for Loomis Turkey on the horizon?
Loomis Turkey has the resources and capabilities for new investments. In Turkey we also have plans to invest in both organic and inorganic for all requirements to grow and we have taken the approval. Loomis EU's great financial strength supports Loomis Turkey's desire for growth and creative management, in the emerging markets in Turkey's growing economy, investments actually becomes not a choice, but necessity.

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