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AdamPos General Manager Erhan Kılıç

We talked to AdamPos General Manager Erhan Kılıç about all developments in the company and industry

What solutions does AdamPos offer for which sectors? Can we get information about the activities of your company? 
Adam Perakende Otomasyon Sistemleri Ltd. Sti. Was established in 1995 to provide turnkey solutions in the field of "store automation". Today, AdamPos has solution partnerships with the world's largest companies in its field, offering turnover and productivity-enhancing solutions for retail, food and beverage businesses, sales offices and back office management. Our expert software team has developed Myasoft Business Management software by designing the requirements and workflow of your corporate structure and adopting the "first day productivity" approach. From this point of view, we are continuing our efforts to get the right information and business at the right time.

Which companies do you have solution partnership with?
AdamPos has solution partnerships with scales firms such as DIGI and Bizerba, as well as cash deposit companies such as Toshiba, Ingenico, Profilo, Verifone and Vera. We are also partnering with global leader brands such as SES-Imagotag, Custom and Poindus in various fields.

What kind of trainings the "Adam Academy" does?
Retail Operations, Finance, Accounting, E-Transformation, Myasoft IT Management, Cost Control and Production Processes, CRM, Campaign, Customer Card Applications, MyaRes Point of Sale Application, Genius2 Point of Sale Application, MyaShop Training Package Training, are given in special classes as will be limited by personality quotas. If you would like to receive detailed information about these trainings that our customers will receive in line with their needs, visit our website www.adampos.com and you will be able to review the training calendar and get detailed information.

What are your investment plans?
Our efforts to blend the needs of our own markets that we see all over the world, and transform into innovations will never end. In this context, we are launching MyaCenter B2B product in the third quarter. This product is a return-investment-guaranteed solution that will make the business more efficient and faster with business relations with suppliers, dealers and third party companies. We have been using the mobile version of MobilMen 50T for a long time as a pilot application. We see this as an important step to enable the Android application to meet the mobility needs of the industry at a more affordable cost. All the actions you need like Androidle, Commodity Acquisition, Product Referral, Warehouse and Store Counting, Labeling etc. have been moved to Android environment with MobilMen50T. We have developed the SelfPayment System and introduced a revolutionary innovation in the store for the use of retailers. The system eliminates the cashier's relationship to cash and saves money on many security investments as well as cash abuses. We have organized our software and hardware needs. The system has been accepted all over the world. It is also known for its deterrent effect.

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