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Can Electronics General Manager Mustafa H. Ekimci

We spoke with Mustafa H. Ekimci, General Manager of Can Elektronik, which has been operating in the sector for many years and has been doing LED conversion projects in recent years

What is Can Electronic doing?
Can Electronic Ltd. Having contributed to the efficiency of the market of nearly 2,500 stores in automation for 24 years, it has a structure that sees itself from the important players of the sector. That's it until today. However, in July 2013, after the Revenue Administration announced the new generation SCA and communicated the papers containing the change, we entered a pause period. The law, which was opened on October 1, 2017, closed on December 21, 2017. We were able to realize very little of the change of the 2,500 grocery stores in our hand. This has put us in financial difficulty. When we looked at what we could do, there were two options. One is to look for foreign markets for our own "Shop-Con" software. We put the name of the software in English because we were dreaming of exporting to the nearest countries and Europe. We started to focus and work a bit more to realize our dream. We have translated our software into English and German. First we wanted to test it on the German market. We found a chain of stores specializing in beverages in the Turkish-German partnership there. We tried our program in this store chain and found it very convenient. We also confirmed that they were exactly what they wanted. So in this chain of 15 stores, our software has been implemented very successfully and is said to be more efficient than many German programs. It gave us pride. We went to search for a distributor to bring them back, but unfortunately we had a misfortune there because the distributor friends we chose were still of Turkish descent, and they went there and settled in Berlin. Then the English version was offered to the oil markets of an oil company in the Oman market. That work was halted by the drop in oil prices and the introduction of economic measures. We are continuing our export studies. The second option was to be among those who implement the LED transformation in the retailing sector, which has taken the lead in lighting. Our customers were already asking for this issue. LED lighting fixtures were on their agenda as part of a transformation in the markets with great energy savings, but they sought reliable suppliers. We have done our research on this subject and have identified our suppliers. In the first stage, the Chinese goods we bought and sold from the major importers on the Karaköy market were embarrassed by the constructions which were quickly disrupted. We saw this work does not happen, we turn to those established in Turkey and fixtures used in producing companies. LED chips and drivers that we call the drivers / transformers, giving them the quality by knitting and applying them to the fittings in the hand. Now we can guarantee our breast for 5 years. Indeed, we can experience 50 thousand hours of life provided by LED. We have recently completed and implemented the LED conversion project of the butcher, deli and grocery display cabinets and ceilings of 14 stores of Üçler.

What are the benefits of these products?
Mostly, it saves up to 80 percent more energy than old-style lamps or fittings. It is a very controversial subject to the fact that the gas that breaks the bulbs-the end of the explosion-is harmful to human health. This is not the case with the LED. It does not emit radiation, it does not contain harmful gas to health, it has a long life, much lower wattage, you can get much more light flow, ie lumen. Saving a third of the total electricity cost for a grocery store is a huge boon - I'm talking about a place lighting a lamp for 14 hours a day. Second, there is no harm to human health. Even in a very narrow area, the third one is able to achieve much higher light flow. It is therefore possible to achieve an effect in the interior of cabinet displays, which brings products to the foreground with high illumination and increases sales. Moreover, since we can play with colors, the color scale of the LED starts at 2700 Kelvin, goes up to 6500 Kelvin - makes it possible to give the correct colored light according to the product you are exhibiting. The benefit is too great. As a matter of fact, we have achieved a very special exhibition by playing with special strings and colors which reveal the unique yellow-white color of the cheese with its own natural coloring with special type red-white lights in the butcher's sections of the Üçler. Now we want to maintain this success in other markets and add them to our customer portfolio.

Are you producing?
We have dealt with a few factories. I believe that we have created a quality product line by working in a style that supports domestic producers that we have chosen and give 5 years warranty.

What is your goal for this year?
We are new in this business, so we are constantly working to gain a reference. Our priorities are to advance the customer portfolio that we know. Then, even if it is not in our customer's profile, we have grocery stores of TPF and PERDER member brothers whom we know from the sector. I think we are a company that has been proven for 24 years to be a company which has done its job well and owns its goods. We will repeat this project in this sector. Most companies can not withdraw goods from customs at this point because they can not pass these tests of TSI. I believe that we will get a serious market share with our producers who support both local producers as well as sell quality products with reliable references and good quality products in a short period of time.

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