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Kalem Software responds to all needs

With its ERP and Logo ERP Vertical Solution Partners, Kalem Software can meet all the needs of the retail industry. We talked about details with Cengiz Özköse, Marketing Manager of the company

What kind of solutions does Kalem Software provide for which sectors?
Founded in 1989, our company first started to produce public, logistic and retail solutions on its own ERP. When it came to 2007, we made Logo ERP Vertical Solution Partnership and turned its direction to all the needs of retail. We make duty-free card, purchasing management, canteen module, dormitory program, shopping mall module, cash register, cash register, store management, textile store solutions, fast sales consoles, restaurant program, duty free integrations and mobile report solutions at Yıldız Technical University Davutpaşa Technopark Campus.

What competitive advantages can markets gain especially with Kalem Software?
One of the greatest advantages of our solutions is that we can manage the branches in different regions from one center to create planning and coordination in the supply chain in an efficient and fast structure. The fact that businesses can add module modules to our system, which is a must for cash and balance integration, purchasing management, loyalty card, warehouse management, mobile report and mobile report, enables the market administrators to experience the solutions they need and access the solutions according to their needs. Our biggest pride that we are responding to all the needs of the company management. Some of the main topics that exist in the contents of our modules are as follows: Purchasing and inventory management based on periodic sales turnover speeds, decomposition of stores into categories (discount, hypermarket etc.) and management of products, management of active demand and order applications and management of distribution chain, real-cost, profit and loss analysis, instant reporting (endorsement, stock, branch, cash, product), taking into account the price transitions such as cash return and cash return.

Can you rate the year 2017 we left behind? What kind of actions did you take?
We have also been in turbulence as it is in the market during the difficult and distressing process that our country has gone through. We have made improvements in our products and have included our products and solutions in more than 300 new businesses.

What are you doing abroad?
We are located in the abroad market of more than 11 years, especially in the Turkic Republics, 80% of the retail market, especially in Azerbaijan. We are also available in the UK, Germany, Afghanistan, Sudan, Iranian markets. We propose systems and solutions developed by foreign investors and business partners in 7 languages. We are going to visit entrepreneur firms which are big and multi-store, telling our systems, adding references, innovating and growing. We are going to visit entrepreneur firms which are big and multi-store, telling our systems, adding references, innovating and growing.

Do you have new projects or investment plans for this year?
Global and local big companies, especially in the retail, multi-voice solutions with large, medium-scale and growth index of all our companies in our radar. We are always in touch with our solutions and systems. In addition, since we are Teknopark R & D company, we started our new formation processes 3 years ago in order to invest in next generation technological solutions and systems and to determine the direction of the sector. In this regard, we continue to advance with new investments.

What are your expectations for the status of the industry in 2018?
We are in a difficult period in our country due to the conjuncture and border policy practices. The liquidity problem is felt very much. The fact that the markets are unsatisfactory is also reflected in the demands we receive from technology companies. Our step is not a worrying situation. We anticipate that the course will continue into the first quarter and investment and revisions will accelerate in the second and third quarters. We hope for everyone a healthy, fertile and peaceful year.

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