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40 years of work in 3 years from Proso

Established 5 years ago to operate in the refrigerator department and equipments sector and started production 3 years ago, Proso is growing rapidly.

First of all, can we talk about your company; your products, production areas and production capacity?
We established our company in April 2012. Initially we worked on commitment and energy efficiency. Besides that, we also had our equipment sales. We made dealerships with some companies. It lasted for 3 years. At the end of 3 years, we reached corporate and national firms, which is our target customer profile. January 2015 was a milestone for us. Our new factory moved and we produced milk rack as the first product. Our main product groups came out in the 6th month. We participated in a fuir at CNR in the 9th month. Through this fair we have had the opportunity to explain the work we have done to many people, the progress of the work, and how we came to this point. We joined EuroShop in March 2017. It was our first exhibition in international terms and it was very useful for us. We have promoted worldwide.

How many countries do you export to?
Currently we export to more than 50 countries. These include America, Canada, Colombia, Africa, Middle East, Balkans and Europe. Our priority is to increase. exports.

Where can we see your products?
We started to work with CarrefourSA as soon as we started production. We are also working with BİM, A101, UCZ, Bizim, Nezih, Çağrı, Sarıyer Market, Arden Market, Yunus Markets and Şok. Also, for the last 2 years, cooler sections in all gas stations have been produced in our factory.

What is your expectation for 2018?​
Our primary goal is not to go under the current situation. With the calls we make, it looks like we're going to get over 25 percent of the current situation. We actually did not aim to grow three times the year we passed. We aimed to grow by 50 percent. We prefer mostly virgin markets abroad. Our research is usually in this direction. One of our goals in the coming years is to create overseas units. Office, showroom, warehouse, will be our own subsidiaries

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