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Logoraf Sales and Marketing Director Derya Öz

Serving in the field of design and production of store equipments, Logoraf is renovating its production facility in Tuzla to provide faster service to the sector. Logoraf Sales and Marketing Director Derya Öz explained that they employ approximately 150 people within the facility to be commissioned on May

Let's start by talking about your company. What area does Logoraf serve in? Could you give us information about your production facility, production capacity and your products?
We serve in the field of design and production of store equipments. Our activities are carried out in our management center in Istanbul and in our production facilities in the size of 13 thousand square meters. With display elements and innovative shelving system solutions we provide services to multinational retail brands in Turkey. On the other hand, we are exporting a large part of our production at present.

Where can we see your applications?
We serve with a wide range of products for super / hyper markets, fuel stations, textile, cosmetics, construction markets, electronics markets, pharmacy storage areas. In addition to this, we are always among the leading companies in the sector with our creative solution proposals.

For the company and the sector, how do you evaluate 2017?
The year 2017 can be considered as the growth year of our company. With the development of the retailing sector in the country, we have developed our activities and signed numerous successful and innovative solutions from the day we were established. This has enabled both our field team to work more actively throughout the country and our technical departments to grow and sign creative projects. In proportion to this, we kept up with the speed of the sector in 2017.

You said that you exported most of your production abroad. How many countries do you export to? Which of these countries have a high volume?
We export majorly to France and Azerbaijan as well as Middle East and Europe Countries such as Bulgaria, Romania, Qatar, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and Northern Iraq.

Are there new investments and projects on the horizon?​
The success of 2017 accompanied the growth for us. In order to provide faster service to the sector, our production line in Tuzla is being renewed at the moment. By the beginning of May we will be able to continue our activities more rapidly. Of course, we have not seen investment as just increasing our sales force. If we look at in terms of contributing to our country, we have also provided employment for about 150 people.

What are the wishes and suggestions from your customers? Do you have any suggestions especially for customers in the grocery sector?
Our customers demand the fastest delivery time. For this reason, starting from the day we were founded, our basic principle is to be the 'best quality and fastest' producer without giving up sustainable quality. We know that time is precious and the most important value that we can not bring back. We are making investments especially for this issue.

Do you want to add anything?
It is our first priority to draw up the most favorable and profitable projects for our customers' stores. If there is a demand, we have a professional team that can support until the placement of the category. Since January 7th 2011, we have met customer demands in the sector we have been operating in the most favorable manner and have seen our company as the solution partners of every brand we do business with.

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