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Efe Market Equipments focused on productivity

Efe Market Equipments, which produces interior and exterior motorized walls, service equipments, pool and vertical cooler and freezer sections for markets, produces 21,000 meters of annual production. Executive Vice President Cenk Gürkol explains that this year they are focusing on productivity and customer relations

Could you give us information about your production areas, production capacity, your team and your product range?
At present, we are manufacturing in a covered area of 18 thousand square meters, which we moved in 2013. Our annual capacity is 21 thousand meters. Our factory has 125 people working in it, including white collar employees. In our facility, we make our product trees which we designed with 3D solid modeling with IAS software, with 2 test rooms prepared in ISO 23953 standard, and bring them to mass production afterwards. We produce interior and exterior motorized walls, service, pools and vertical coolers and freezer sections in all sizes for the markets including hypermarkets.

You are one of the pioneers in this field that collaborates with academic institutions on energy saving in your products. Can you tell us about your work in this area?
As known, refrigerant leaning systems and cooling systems are among the top sectors in the world that use HFC among with air conditioners. Although the ozone-penetrating effect of these industrial fluids is zero, warming potentials (GWP) are high and they are classified according to the point CO2 is accepted as zero. While the most commonly used fluid in Turkey, GWP of R404A is 3922, currently used products up to half of that in Europe. In 2022 the GWP over 150 will not be allowed. In this direction, we are also working with producers working in the markets of fluid generators, compressors and heat exchanger batteries. In next 4 years we'll try alternative fluids to catch the restriction. Now, two works based on propane and CO2 go together. Previously, we received investment grants from our government with the application of clean production. In the coming days, we will conclude our TUBITAK or KOSGEB file with these two projects. Our goal is to produce with very low carbon emissions as soon as possible. 

Growth in the African market

What are your present position in foreign trade, your breakthroughs in this area, and your plans for the future?
At present we export our products to 23 countries. We export to many countries in Europe, Middle East and North Africa. The key to continue exporting to the European market is to use alternative fluids those i mentioned before, until 2022. We intend to complete this process in the next one year and protect our market share in Europe. We have a serious reference in the Middle East with our Dubai and Saudi Arabia where our partner company Çözüm Industrial Refrigeration owns multiple companies, and we want to protect this position. Alternatively, we have created new sales force and dealer infrastructure to grow in African countries, and we expect to see significant growth in the African market over the next year.

The refrigeration and cabinet sector is constantly evolving together with existing conditions and requirements. What are the new investment plans and targets of Efe Market Equipments in the next period?
When we examine the 5-year period we have passed, we see that our product sales prices do not increase both domestically and abroad, and even dropped down in this highly competitive environment. As a result, we have a chance to determine the price in the market and we focus on our own productivity and customer relations as we do not intend to reduce our product quality. We are in continuous communication with our customers, including the members of the board of directors, and we aim to meet their requests as quickly as possible and to share our innovations through social media platforms. We think that good quality, timely and complete communication will make a difference in a market where there are so many alternatives. We are constantly investing in quality and efficiency. We have invested in our CNC department, paint studio, polyurethane line and production lines at a considerable amount last year. This year we will continue to do the same. Of course, we will continue to invest in our employees, who are the most important part of our company.

Could you share your suggestions and your predictions about the future development​ in market equipment sector in Turkey? Do you have a message that you want to convey to retailers?
We meet and share our interests with our sector with both SOSİAD and fairs and thanks to your platforms. 2016 was a difficult year for all of Turkey. We celebrate all of our retailers, who continue their investments without interruption even in these difficulties. In 2017, our country achieved record on growth rate and accomplished a balanced growth in the sector. Even though there are some retailers had difficulty, it iwas much better than 2016. We think that the year 2018 will be quite good in retail. Well, our agenda changes frequently, there may be unexpected ups and downs, but we do not think it will be permanent. Especially in the discount chains, 2018 targets are quite high and we expect that this growth will continue for a few more years. We offer our thanks to all our retailer friends who believe in us.

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