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Fresh blood to Pasifik Rack Systems

We talked about the position of the interior and exterior market and place of the company in the sector with M. Göksel Nardemir who was appointed as the General Manager of Pasifik Rack Systems

First of all, we wish you success in your new job. Can we get your comments about your new job and your factory investment?
Firstly I thank you too. It is exciting to return to the retail market as a manufacturer... In order to design the factory and the organization, we have set out with my teammates and walked with sure steps towards the target we set. Sunny days are coming soon.

You have a long history in the sector, what difference will the Pasifik Rack make with your leadership in your sector?
Pasifik Rack Systems, with the management center that operates in Istanbul and the production facility with the size of 18,000 square meters, is preferred by multinational retail brands in the interior market for our innovative rack systems and display solutions. It also showed its domestic success in the field of exports and now it is in a position to export 50 percent of its production. Pasifik Rack Systems will always be among the leading companies in the sector with the slogan of "Flexible as your ideas" with the proposal of wide product range and creative solutions.

How do you evaluate the retail sector in Turkey today's economy?
We have to coordinate with different sales channels in order to be able to respond accurately and quickly to the dynamic and variable consumer demands of the retail sector. For this reason, information technologies and necessary technological infrastructure studies are vital.

Could you talk about your strategy of expansion for foreign markets?
The most important criterion for market expansion for foreign markets is market analysis. As Cloude Hopkins said, "People should know about their rivalry, what others are offering, what people want." I can say that we focus on this by competitive analysis, market / sector analysis, customer analysis and environmental analysis.

Can you briefly tell us about your production system and your products?
We have a full electronic manufacturing line equipped with a fully automated system with a product range that can easily serve every point of retail store. I would like to express that while we are expressing a serial manufacturing line at high speed, we also have the qualitative foreground on the other hand.

Where will the Pasifik Rack be in 2019?
Pacific Raf Systems, which develops its activities in parallel with the development of the retail sector in the country, will continue to be a reliable solution partner since it was founded with numerous successful and innovative solutions.

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