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Teknodor increases production capacity

Teknodor Chairman Yusuf Keles said they plan to increase the number of production lines and capacity in 2018

How was 2017 for your company and the sector?
In 2017 we joined the EuroShop, one of the most important trade fairs in the industry, held in Düsseldorf, Germany. We started negotiating with many new companies after the fair. All producers' expectations from the fair are to open up new markets, develop new products, present their market and respond to customer requests in the fastest way... We assessed the year 2017 well, developed new products and expanded our customer portfolio. One of the other major developments of the year 2017 was the operation of a glass processing plant of 5 thousand square meters. We mostly use glass materials in our products. We were experiencing serious problems during the procurement process. This accelerated our investment in the glass processing plant.

Can you give information about Teknodor's production facilities, capacity and product portfolio? What kind of solutions do you offer especially for the retail sector?
Teknodor frame and glass door factory in Tuzla İTOSB region with a production area of 3 thousand 500 + 3 thousand 500 square meters. By the end of 2017, we had produced about 15 thousand frames and 30 thousand doors. In 2018 we are adding new frame and glass door production lines to existing production lines and we plan to increase production capacity. Our product range includes all products used in our refrigerated display racks and has the same technical characteristics as the products of European manufacturers. Single door glass door and frame systems, double door glass door and frame systems, sliding door systems for pool type deep freezers and sliding door systems for combi deep freezers... Thus, we respond to all the needs of the retail industry with our wide range of products and we provide the necessary technical support for the use of energy-saving products.

Energy saving up to %50

Energy saving is very important for both our budget and our future... How much can grocers save, using glass door systems? Are there any new developments in this area?
The importance of energy saving is increasing day by day. Looking back over the past years, European countries have been taking serious steps in this regard, receiving goverment subventions. Today, the importance of energy savings in Turkey's agenda is increasing and we observe an increase in use of frames and doors. Many stores in Turkey started to use energy-saving products and began to implement necessary equipment. For distance, when glass doors are used in open sections, energy savings of around 50 - 55% are provided, while in deep freezing pool products this ratio is about 40 - 45%. Depending on the selected product (such as double glazing systems), you can increase these rates even further. We inform our customers, install doors to the existing cooler sections of some chain markets and we watch how much energy they save together.

Where can we se your implements in Turkey and worldwide?
You can see Teknodor products all over Turkey and we are really proud of it. Working in domestic market means to offer quick response to customer requests and good service. When we look at our portfolio, working with Turkey's leading manufacturers , we came to a certain place in Turkey as a brand. In addition, the increase in demand from other producers in the sector also proves that we are a step ahead of our competitors in our market in Turkey. If we talk about abroad; you can see Teknodor products in a wide geography such as in Europe, Africa, Middle East, Brazil and America.

Export rate will increase to 60%

What about your export activities? What was your export rate in 2017? Are you aiming new markets?
2017 export rate was 40 percent. We export to more than 25 countries, mainly in Europe and Balkan countries. We have set up new markets such as the Middle East and Africa to increase the export rate to 60 percent this year, and have started customer visits and negotiations. Our work has begun to give its first results and we are in contact with many cooler producers. We made progress with some manufacturers, identified the products, and sent out the first product samples. We will negotiate with our customers in Africa and the Middle East in the coming days and we will speed up our preliminary work that has been done before.

We are at the beginning of 2018 and when we compare it to the figures of last year, we see that we have made a good start. The first two months indicate that sales figures are rising and we are getting closer to the targets we have set. In addition to increasing sales figures, one of our most important goals is to increase product quality, to keep customer demand and satisfaction in the foreground... Therefore, our R & D department focuses on the investments we make and we strengthen our team in all departments within the company.In addition to these, we continue our work by setting big targets for 2018, such as increasing production capacity and export ratio, developing new products and adding new customers to our portfolio.


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