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Raftürk grows with new investments

We discussed the developments in Raftürk which shortly opened its new factory, with the Vice Chairman Erhan Akten.

Raftürk continued its steady investments with the new factory that started manufacturing this year. We would like to learn from you the details of this plant and the new goals connected to it.
Raftürk is a long-established company, producing and exporting in shelf sector since 1980 and generating added-value…  Before, they started with contract manufacturing and a wood production facility. Afterwards, the company took its place among high profile firms of the sector through investing in metallics helf production.
The factory in İstanbul Bayrampaşa is 6 thousand 500 square meters, the other factory in Kocaeli Dilovası Organized Industrial Zone continues its activities within a 20 thousand square meters closed space. The Çankırı Çerkeş Factory that we put at work a short while ago has a 25 thousand square meters of closed space.
We continue the production in our three facilities covering a space of a total of 51 thousand 500 square meters. Together with our new facility in Çankırı, we increased our metal sheet production from 36 thousand tons a year to 70 thousand tons.
At our Dilovası and Bayrampaşa factories storage shelves, market shelves and equipments, file cabinets and lockers were produced together. Now, with our new production facility we have separated these three groups from each other. In this way we both augmented our production capacity and our potential for a more professional and specialized approach in working with these different product groups.

How Raftürk will proceed in terms of future investments and goals?
Within the sector, Raftürk is a fast growing and big company in terms of its potential for new facilities and its capacity but it has its feet firm on the ground. Our priority is first to invest on humans. As a principle, Raftürk turns an unqualified employee into successful expert personnel through trainings, seminars and courses. As technology advances, we invest more on the latest automatic lines. Whereas the market shelf line that we incorporated in the last years produces eight shelves per  minute, the back panel line manufactures fourteen products per minute. With new rollform lines made on storage shelve systems, laser and a new paint facility with a speed of seven meters per minute the production speed and capacity increased a lot. The increase in production quality and capacity leads us to new world markets.
Raftürk is a firm with praiseworthy undertakings in the efficient use of energy. Can you share your activities concerning the subject as a guide for the sector?
Raftürk produces its own energy through the 650 KW solar panels on its own factory. By this means, every year 710 tree are saved and 445.000 kg carbon emission is prevented. Together with the environmental awards we received, we own ISO 14001:2015 environmental management certificate and are a firm that appreciate the nature and the human.

What have been your advances in foreign trade after EuroShop?
Euro Shop is a national fair organization catering to the sector of market equipment with a large range of participation. This year, we attended to the fair with a stand of 177 square meters. After a fair with an astonishing rate of participation we established fairly decent connections. Apart from hosting in our stand our previous clients, we became a focus of interest for new clients. It was a fairly successful fair for us. Now, our company exporting shelves even to China is on the way to become a world brand. Our firm exporting to 50 countries now is planning to contribute to the country’s economy by increasing this figure to 70 with its new facility.

Can we learn about your messages directed at chain supermarket managers?
We first would like to host them in our factories to show them our firm’s competency and capabilities and our potential for offering them fast and high quality solutions.
Retail industry reached a pretty high level in Turkey. The number of good quality retail stores selling good quality and well-priced goods and becoming a limelight in terms of visual quality is on the increase. This provides the opportunity for market equipment producers to renew themselves through continuously developing new products in a faster way and with an increase in quality. With investments on Research & Development and innovations, we both offer high quality and fast product to our clients and ensure that they buy the ideal product thanks to the technical assistance we provide.

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