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“Retail Looking At The Future”

The development and the road map of the retail industry will be discussed with the data of Turkish Local Chains Report and European Ethnic Supermarkets Report at WOW Convention Center on October 2.

The third edition of “Retail Looking  At The Future” will be held at WOW Center on October 2 with the outcome of  Local Chains Report.

This year, the organization has gained an international status with the participation of local chains founded by Turkish entrepreneurs from various European countries. The Ethnic Supermarkets Report prepared by Ortakalan Etnic Supermarkets Consultant Barış Tartar will be discussed at Etnic Supermarket Conference.

Local chains to evaluate today and talk about future

The third edition of Turkish Local Chains Report examines the nationwide and regional changes as well as the change of each supermarket in alphabetical order. There are also surveys about logistics investments, equipment investment goals, PL studies, training studies, new store goals, and investments on areas other the retail industry. These surveys were prepared by interviewing with the managers and partners of local chains in person. The data on the report will be declared by Emre Durdu, the editor-in-chief at Ortakalan.

After the declaration of the data, the important names of the industry, the current status and the future of the industry will be discussed at a session under the moderation of Chairman at Food Retailers Association, Erdal Tüfekçi

The guests of Mr. Tüfekçi will be the General Manager of AVM, Ali Kaya, Özhan Supermarkets Chain General Manager İbrahim Özhan, Retail Turkey editor, Cengiz Çambel, and Yunus Supermartkes chain manager Fatih Ayhan.

European Turkish Ethnic Supermarkets Report to be declared

European Ethnic Supermarkets Report prepared by Barış Tartar will be discussed at the conference which will organized on October 2. The inaugurals will be made by AT;AD president Aziz Sarıyar and TÜGİDER Mustafa Manav.

Martvardlen CEO Muhittin Taylı, PLAT chairman İmer Özer, and Happy Center General Manager Yavuz Altun, and Ortakalan Ethnic Supermarkets Consultant Barış Tartar will discuss the European Turkish Ethnic Martket with the questions from the participants.

The managers of supermarkets, wholesalers, and manufacturer companies from Europe will be hosted by Ortakalan in İstanbul for two days. European Turkish Market representatives from abroad will also have the opportunity to examine the center for logistics and e-trade of Happy Center under the host of Yavuz Altun.

Technical stuff meeting

The third edition of Supermarket Equipments and Technologies Conference will be organized under the motto “Technical Stuff Meeting”. This organization will take stage in the morning part of the “Retail Looking At The Future” like the last two years.

The conference will be moderated by one of the most experienced names of the industry Orhan Ataç, the manager of Bilgi A.Ş.

Biçen General Manager İhsan Biçen. Groseri Member of Executive Board Levent Uğurses, Mopaş Member of Executive Board Murat Narman, and Özhan General Manager İbrahim Özhan will share applications that enlighten the future of the industry.

Industrial communication society to create value

Ortakalan will be taking a step forward in the name of common development and cooperation with the support of industrial community foundations that have contributed pretty much to the improvement of the retail industry at this year’s edition of “Retail Looking At The Future”.

Cengiz Çamber, Retail Turkey editor and one of the most experienced names in industrial communication and retailing, will share his opinions at the session at which the data of Local Chains Report will be examined on October 2.

At the end of the two sessions where the report data will be discussed, Pin Founder Ergün Güler will make an exclusive evaluation. Pin Group is one of the media sponsors of the conference.

Another fundamental foundation of industrial communication Perakende Çağı (Retail Era) will be supporting the conference as media sponsor.

Boat tour after conference at Bosphorus

At the end of “Retail Looking At The Future”, an enjoyable boat tour at Bosphorus will be organized under the title “Happy Tour”. Managers coming from Europe and the managers of sponsoring companies will be able to participate this tour.

October 2 2018 Retail Looking At The Future Program

08:30 Registration and Offerings

Supermarket Equipments and Technologies Conference (09:30 – 12:10)

09:30 Information about the program of the day

09:35 Inaugural

09:45 Opportunities Brought By New Generation Cash Registers

10:10 B-F5 The DNA Code of Biçen

10:35 Break and Offerings

11:35 Online Freshness

11:40  From Kalamazoo to Artificial Intelligence

12:05 Evaluation of the Conference

12:15 Break and Offerings

Company Foundation in Germany (12:45 – 13:30)

12:45 Company Foundation in Germany

12:45  Almanya'da Şirket Kuruluşu  
 • ATİAD Başkanı Aziz Sarıyar 

13:30 Break and Offerings

Ethnic Supermarkets Meeting Conference (14:00 – 15:45)

14:00 Inaugurals

14:20 Presentation of Ethnic Supermarkets Report

14:30 Dynamics of Ethnic Market and Opportunities

15:30 Evaluation of The Conference


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