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Ortakalan Sektörel Yayıncılık San. ve Tic. Ltd. Şti.
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The retail sector is meeting on May 8th

The retail sector is meeting on May 8th

Ortakalan will announce Discount Chains Report and the National Sectoral Change Report for the first time in Turkey at Crowne Plaza Istanbul Asia on May 8th

Ortakalan has stepped into the 10th year with the mission of ensuring that food retail components, retailers and suppliers get accurate and up-to-date news and information about each other. In its 10th year, Ortakalan is preparing to meet two more unique pieces to the industry, Sectoral Change Report and the National and Discount Chains Report. The reports are the product of a seven-year study, providing important results for the foreseeable future while detailing the past of the industry.

Erdal Tüfekçi, Member of the Board of Directors of the Food Retailers Association, will be the moderator of the meeting. In the light of the results of the panelists and participants' interactive reports, the event will discuss what the retail sector expects, exchange views with industry representatives, and at the same time steer for the future of the industry.

The Sectoral Change Report which will be published in 2018 has been prepared studiously by examining Ortakalan’s unique dataset.  Sectoral Change Report will exhibit the most significant developments in the last 7 years in a structured and sorted way. The report will also contain graphics displaying how these developments affected the sector. Apart from examining the last 7 years, the report will also present foresights and expectations for the next 7 years in Turkish retail industry in company with the evaluations made by the leading names of the sector.

The National & Discount Chains Report which will be published in 2018 will be examining the development of nationwide supermarkets and discount chains in Turkey in the last 7 years and their goals for the future. Ortakalan, following the monthly physical growth data of food retailers, will be presenting the changes alphabetically both nationwide and regionally in Turkey in the last 7 years. Moreover, interviews in which future goals are discussed with the managers of national chain supermarkets will take place on the report.


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