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Ortakalan Sektörel Yayıncılık San. ve Tic. Ltd. Şti.
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Ortakalan to investigate export to Europe

Ortakalan to investigate export to Europe

Ortakalan has made a survey study investigating the exportation settlement of 194 Turkish companies which attended ANUGA.

In ANUGA 2017, the ordering of countries based on the number of exhibitors is as follows: Italy 853, Germany 716, Spain 546, China 543, and Turkey 298. Turkey showed a great success by taking place in the top five countries.

Ortakalan attended ANUGA 2017 with Messe’s special invitation and press accreditation and realized a survey study contacting the significant portion of export managers of Turkish companies. 194 companies took part in Ortakalan’s survey.

The survey revealed import facts about the Turkish food industry’s export to Europe.

All of the 194 companies taking place in the survey export to a country other than Turkey with its own brand or with private label production. 80 of these companies (41%) stated that they part in European market. 114 companies (59%) stated that they are not exporting to Europe using any channel. However, 44 companies out of these 114 expressed that they exported to Europe at least once through dealers and private label in the past years, but then quitted for various reasons.

38 companies (19%) which do not export to Europe currently stated that they are willing to start exporting to Europe by also using their connections at ANUGA.

76 (39%) companies said that exporting to Europe is not on their agenda.

When these companies were asked why they were not planning to export to European countries, 52 companies stated they wanted to grow in the other markets.

24 companies showed quota limitations and customs policies on the product groups they are operating as the reason why they have no intention to enter the European market. (Direct restrictions on white meat, differences in spice analysis standards, speed expiration of export quota on products such as pasta and olive oil , the domination of France and the Netherlands which removed the quota on milk and milk products in 2014)

Export through private label

94 (48%) companies out 194 companies taking part in Ortakalan survey stated that they making private label production for countries out of Turkey.

Out of these 94 companies, the number of companies which export to Europe as well - namely taking place in the intersection group of these groups – is 50 (26%)

Out of 94 companies making PL production out Turkey, 18 (%9) of them made a PL production for a supermarket out of Turkey currently or anytime.

In total, 76 (39%) companies stated that they preferred being the outsource manufacturer company of another manufacturer company rather than exporting directly to supermarket.

Channel settlement of companies exporting to Europe

80 companies of 194 companies expressed that they are exporting to Europe. Out of these 80, 30 (15%) of them present their own brands.


50 (26%) stated that they export through private label channel. The number of companies out of this 50 which have made a private label production for a chain supermarket in Europe is 13 (7%).

37 (19%) companies stated that they have done private label production for the brands of other manufacturer companies.

All the 30 companies saying “We are exporting to Europe with our own brand” also replied the question “Are you working with a distributor in your export to Europe?” as “Yes, we are”.

Only 16 (8%) companies stated that they did not work with a wholesaler or a distributor and export to a supermarket chain in Europe directly.


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