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Ortakalan Sektörel Yayıncılık San. ve Tic. Ltd. Şti.
+90 216 418 00 99  www.ortakalan.com.tr
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Ortakalan to  attend Euroshop

Ortakalan to attend Euroshop

Ortakalan will be welcoming its visitors at its own stand at Euroshop which will be organized in Germany Düsseldorf between 5th - 9th March 2017

Ortakalan is the unique source provider in the field of supermarket equipments and technologies with its special news channel and printed catalogue and will take its place at Euroshop, the world's biggest business fair.

Ortakalan will welcome its guests at Hall 18 Section C05 during Euroshop.

64 Turkish companies will show up at Euroshop which will be organized in Germany Düsseldorf between 5th and 9th March 2017. Ortakalan, the only publisher which cooperates with Euroshop in Turkey, is currently working on the English catalogue in which special announcements and news about the fair will be published as well as the information about the companies taking place at the fair.

The catalogue will be distributed freely in return for business cards at Ortakalan's stand and the press room. The data on these cards will be shared with the companies after the fair.

During Euroshop 2017, Ortakalan will also introduce TurkishRetailEquipments.com which has an objective of establishing direct, effective, and permanent relations between the world retailers and the Turkish companies.


About Ortakalan

Ortakalan produces, organizes, and publishes sectorial data of which Turkish business world is in need. Ortakalan's website on www.ortakalan.com.tr, completely works sectoral based. These works are published on news portals and electronic catalogues as well as printed magazines and catalogues when needed. As a whole, this quadruple channel model developed by Ortakalan is unique. Only Ortakalan in Turkey is making the magazine-news portal and catalogue-electronic catalogue publications in the same system as a whole.

The up-to-date sectoral publishing model developed by Ortakalan creates a multi-dimensional and multi-functional communication platform.

Focusing on sectorial news and keeping the data flow right, up-to-date, and fast has gained a great importance. Therefore, only the communication channels focused on its own sectors may fulfil these requirements. We are going through a period in which classic communications channels keep their power and impact as well as the electronic ones continue to grow.

The quadruple channel model developed by Ortakalan has a philosophy which combines the power of classic channels and the speed of electronic channels.

The quadruple channel model in which the sectors in Turkish business world are handled in a well-defined systematic data and categorized structure offers everything and more with its sectoral based concept supported with advanced technology.


About TurkishRetailEquipments.com

TurkishRetailEquipments.com is a B2B communication service aimed for the retail sector. 

It is aimed to develop direct, effective, permanent relations between world equipment retailers and technology companies and Turkish companies. 

It was designed by Turkey’s greatest professional retail publisher, Ortakalan. Turkishretailequipmentans.com is a distinctive and effective B2B communication application for everyone who is following world retail industry. 

It is the unique source for those who want to know about Turkish equipment and technology companies which are preferred by more world retailers every year. 

TurkishRetailEquipments.com is the only publication where you can find special researches on Turkish retail industry and technology. As stated by these researches, Turkish companies manufacturing retail equipments and technologies are servicing to retailers all around the world due to their knowledge, experience, innovativeness, high quality production, and competitiveness. 

TurkishRetailEquipments.com is the fastest and the securest way to introduce this potential to the world and to communicate with Turkish companies. 


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