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Ortakalan Sektörel Yayıncılık San. ve Tic. Ltd. Şti.
+90 216 418 00 99  www.ortakalan.com.tr
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Ortakalan is 10 years old!

Ortakalan is 10 years old!

Ortakalan celebrates 10th anniversary with two special workshops

Ortakal while redefining industry standards for communications in Turkey, is preparing to present its 10-year development story to the reader and its followers in the digital environment with the "Ortakalan World" and the 10th year Special Edition, as the printed source.

With "Ortakalan World", the story of the company's development is told in chronological order. In addition to information about the features and team members of the Ortakalan's products, the reader and followers are also included in the Ortakalan World, which they reflect what Ortakalan means to them on the 10th anniversary.

The special 10th year edition of the magazine will include the development of Ortakalan's past to present, as well as the special views of Ortakalan's friends and business partners who have been driven alongside the industry for many years. 10th year Special Memorial Magazine will take its place in the archives as a nice moment to hide for years.

In addition, the Sectoral Change Report to be announced in Istanbul Crowne Plaza Asia for the first time on May 8 and the National and Discount Chains Report will be held at 19.00 and the 10th Annual Celebration of Ortakalan will be realized together with the sector representatives. In order to be with us in this special day, you can apply for registration via www.ortakalan.com.tr/etkinlikler or write to bilgi@ortakalan.com.tr.

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