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Ortakalan Sektörel Yayıncılık San. ve Tic. Ltd. Şti.
+90 216 418 00 99  www.ortakalan.com.tr
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Ortakalan in ethnic market

Ortakalan in ethnic market

Ortakalan is about to launch a file on the ethnic retail market in EU countries

Ortakalan is preparing to present a special a file on European Union Country Ethnic Retail Market whose purchasing capacity is over the total market in Turkey and which we are unable to evaluate for the moment.

In a couple of days, we will start to share the interviews of Turkish FMCG companies and Turkish supermarkets from various regions in Europe which have their headquarters in Europe, but founded by Turkish entrepreneurs.

We recommend you not to lose the special contents about these companies whose turnover is even above the ones in Turkey for the geographical area they cover and the economical volume they engage, but have never been handled in Turkish press in such a detailed manner.

25 million Muslims live in EU countries and the number of their total in the entire continents is 45 million. This number has raised up to 50 million after the migration in the recent years. Only the Turks in Germany having German passport are calculated to earn an annual household income of 30 billion Euros – where this number is evaluated to be the income of 3,5 million people. We should state that there are 16 million immigrants only in Germany. The Turkish population is over 6 million even only the Turkey origin ones are considered.

Certainly, we should not regard the ethnic market as a market where only Turks and Muslims buy food. The other immigrant groups and citizens are the potential clients of the ethnic market. Ethnic market is worth making a special study on for its own commercial volume, high development potential, and opportunity of expanding to other markets.

Ortakalan, investigating this huge potential, is building a bridge between Turkish FMCG, retail equipments /technologies industry and Europe. In a couple of days, we will start to publish our special file on the ethnic market. Every day, we will be working to inform you about this market and its actors with a new interview.  I hope we will have taken another step in our goal of being The Common Place of Turkish Business World with a special broadcast on the ethnic market in a short period.

We believe that your questions, opinions, suggestions, and critics will pretty much contribute to our efforts to improve the Turkish Ethnic Market.

I would like to thank all our followers knowing that they will support us like how they did until now.

Babur Akyol

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